What is deep web?How you can access deep web,is it legal?


What is Deep Web?

Deep web is a part of the internet and it is estimated to be 500 times bigger than what you normally see on internet.Let me Explain…..

There’s a hidden part of the internet that is much larger than the parts of the web you use every day.When you’re checking your email, shopping online, or Facebooking, you are using what is referred to as the “Surface Web” or “Visible Web.”The Visible Web consists of websites that are indexed by normal search engines, like Google or Yahoo. According to one estimate, there are at least 4 billion indexed web pages.While this seems huge, a much larger part of the web is below the Surface Web and isn’t indexed by search engines.

This part of the web is called the “Deep Web.


Simply we can say that the ‘Deep Web’ refers to all web pages that search engines cannot find.

What is on Deep web?

It’s all the data behind firewalls. Like user databases, business intranets, web archives, password-protected websites, etc.And also a small part of it is known as Dark Web.

Deep web vs Dark web

There is a lot of confusion between deep web and dark web.

The Dark Web is classified as a small portion of the Deep Web that has been intentionally hidden and is inaccessible through standard web browsers.

The Dark Web’s offer of anonymity. And it  is definitely a place for people who are looking for drugs, weapons, and other items, but it’s also safe haven for journalists and people who need to share information but can’t share it safely.

Bitcoin services such as tumblers are often available on Tor, and some – such as Grams – offer darknet market integration.A research study undertaken by Loup Richet, a research fellow at ESSEC, and carried out with the UNO on Drugs and Crime, highlighted new trends in the use of Bitcoin tumblers for money laundering purposes. A common approach was to use a digital currency exchanger service which converted Bitcoin into an online game currency (such as gold coins in World of Warcraft) that will later be converted back into money.

For example, many people visited a website called the Silk Road on the Dark Web. The Silk Road was a large marketplace within the Dark Web, mostly infamous for the buying and selling of illegal narcotics, but also offering a wide variety of other goods for sale.

Is it Legal to access dark web/deep web?

All depends on the country you live in and the information you are accessing. For example, if you live in the US and access a Deep Web Blog using the Tor Browser. Totally legal. Then you slip and click a link taking you to a Child Pornography hotspot. Now you’re in illegal territory and are at risk to be found/arrested by the FBI.

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How to access deep web/dark web?

Technically, this is not a difficult process. You simply need to install and use Tor. Go to www.torproject.org and download the Tor Browser Bundle, which contains all the required tools.


Tor is a communication tool that lets people share information with greater security and privacy . Tor won’t provide you a list of deep Web sites, but it will let you access any sites that are encrypted using Tor. Tor is used for many different things. It makes it easier for anyone to share information anonymously.


Now you have dark web access you can Click HERE to view the Darknet Market List .

Aggregation sites such as Reddit offer lists of links, as do several Wikis, including thehiddenwiki  – a list that offers access to some very bad places. Have a quick look by all means, but please don’t take our linking to it as an endorsement. It really isn’t.

Also, Dark Web sites do go down from time to time, due to their dark nature. But if you want good customer service, stay out of the dark!


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