Top 3 Mobile Legends Tanks 2018


Being a tank in any MOBA game comes with great responsibility. Not only are you required to be skilled and fearless but be able to team fight, initiate and take damage for the team. Tanking can seem to be boring but believe me, it’s not. It feels godly to see enemy heroes pass by and not dare attack you alone. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang provides a wide range of tanks to choose from and all are way too different and fun to play.

As of January 2018, there are 11 tanks in total namely: Akai, Hilda, Hylos, Tigreal, Balmond, Johnson, Grock, Gatotkaca, Lolita, Minataur, and Franco.

In this list, I will be ranking them focusing on their usability in top-tier Ranked Matches. They are all fun to play nonetheless.

All the attributes are of base level



If you have a good understanding of his barrier ability, Grock can do wonders in a team-fight. His gigantic size which he can increase more is enough to keep the enemy at bay. Grock doesn’t necessarily requires assistance and can do well alone too. His passive near turrets increases movement speed as well as HP useful for tower diving. His ultimate, Wild charge combined with other abilities and heroes with perfect placement of barrier is enough to wipe out the whole enemy team in team-fight.

Base HP: 2819

Mana: 430

Movement Speed: 260

Physical ATK: 135



He is a powerful tank specializing in crowd control and engage. His Ultimate deals massive damage stunning every enemy hero caught in it and also looks cool AF! First ability slowing the enemy down followed by ability Unbreakable concentrating enemy basic attacks to himself followed by Avatar Of Guardian (Ultimate) with a few good teammates is enough for enemy wipe-out. The only problem with this hero is that he is tough to master otherwise he does have MUSCLE OF IRON…BONES OF STEEL!!!

Base HP: 2709

Mana: 440

Movement Speed: 260

Physical ATK: 120



Hylos without a doubt is the most tankiest tank in the game making him the best tank. If accompanied by any of Assassin, Fighter or Marksman, sweeping lanes with enemy heroes is no big deal. He is the best at tower diving using his Glorious Pathway (Ultimate) which adds on HP as he charges forward destroying both, enemies as well as turret. Now think how devastating he would be without enemy turret! Again you need good teammates which is easy to find in top tiers of ranked matches.

With perfect build and skills, he is almost immortal able to withstand maximum damage compared to all other MLBB heroes.

Base HP: 3309

Mana: 430

Movement Speed: 260

Physical ATK: 105



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