Tesla Roadster and Semi Truck the next gen ion runners

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Tesla Roadster credit:www.verge.com

Tesla Roadster and Semi Truck the next gen ion runners

When electric cars first showed up people thought that it would be no match for the fuel and diesel machines but Tesla a leading company in creating electric cars revealed their new electric powered sports car , yes electric sports car the Tesla Roadster. On Thursday night Elon Musk laid rest to all the negativity of the electric cars by breaking records.

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Tesla Roadster credit:Jalopnik

The company also revealed their Semi Truck. The crowd at Hawthorne, California were eagerly waiting for Elon musk to come out of the truck. But the surprise showing of the Tesla’s second generation Roadster model caused explosive cheers .
The company’s financial and production problems were forgotten when there was such an excitement among the people , Musk spirits were lifted in front of the crowd, supporting Tesla’s ambitious future.

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Elon Musk with Tesla Roadster credit:NBC News

Musk has hinted a reveal of a sports car that established the company’s reputation for performance oriented electric cars. Tesla wants this homegrown Halo car to follow up it’s mainstream lineup.
You can reserve a Tesla now at $50,000 deposit on it’s estimated $200,000 base price and a more powerful founders series for $250,000 by paying now.


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2020-Tesla-Roadster credit:motortrend.com

This ion runner can reach 0 – 60 mph in 1.9 seconds , 0-100 in 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 250 mph. Also on a single full charge it can go up-to 621 miles which is most promising for an electric car , even most of the gasoline cars have to stop to pump. Though it has enhanced autopilot but it’s not fully functional, anyhow who wants to autopilot a sports car when you can enjoy it on your own. It is well in it’s way to claim the fastest car in the world. Four people can fit into it seamlessly with having a plenty of storage , it is an all wheel drive having three motors. click here for their official website and to reserve yourself one.


Tesla Roadster production will start in the year 2020. Tesla promised out that they will be churning out 5000 cars per week , for both Tesla model 3 and Roadster lineup.

Coming to the Semi Truck

Tesla Semi truck stuffboxnews.com
Tesla Semi truck credit:WWW.verge.com

Semi Truck is an electric truck as many of you have guessed. It’s 500 miles range easily beats early expectations. The mega chargers installed will give additional 400 miles in 30 minutes.
Musk said that the Semi can go up to 1 million miles without breakdown, well that’s the quality the company has put in. The semi truck is also fully enhanced autopilot mode, but it’s not fully functional. It has moved from the claim of a fully self driving truck. The production will start in 2019 .

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Tesla semi truck credit:BGR.com

Hauling a truck in the middle of the city is not a good option , so it has got superchargers and battery backups, the storage capacity and other relevant specifications and the prices of the carriage will not be shared until at least the next year.


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