How much Virtual Reality has progressed

Vistual Glasses and Abstract Background

Its almost 2018 and most of the tech fans have already experienced VR at least once. VR is rather an expensive technology but with the help of smart phones and cheap VR boxes anyone can experience a glimpse of it.  Yes, only a glimpse of it because VR has gone way beyond our expectations.

VR was limited to visual experience only quite a few years ago, still able to give jaw dropping experience making people go giddy and stuff.  But with the advancement in technology, several industries have tried to wrap their heads around to figure out how to utilize VR to achieve brand objectives.






VR GAMING : Car racing gives the most immersive experience  out of all the genres with the motion simulators it has got to back it up. Project Cars (I-II), Asetto Corsa are two of the many games successful at giving intense, noisy and dizzying experience.



DESIGNING : Good news for artists! Imagine waving your hand in the air resulting in formation of 3D doodles, letters, models and whatnot! Tilt Brush is an app by GOOGLE designed for artists with creative capabilities. Talented artists can create 3D floating images, models in mid-air giving you a futuristic feel. WELL, THE FUTURE IS NOW!



SPT : Space Pirate Trainer, yet another game in the list. Simple yet most requested. A first person shooter for both, newbies and veterans. The game and its mechanics can keep you hooked for hours!



SWITCHING GENDER : Ever wondered how it feels to be a boy being a girl or vice versa? We know you did. Well it will be possible in a few months. The idea is great and is under development by BeAnotherLab. One of their features- SWAP GENDER, specifically comes from Oculus Rift.




BEYOND ENTERTAINMENT : VR is not all about entertainment only. In many countries, militaries are using VR technology with specific motion simulators for training purposes. This reduces the expenditure of money and fuel required for real accessories.





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