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Hate when your favorite hero gets banned or picked up by enemy team?
Well..not any more! With back to back releases of heroes and buffs/nerfs for older heroes has now made it possible
for you to use your favorite hero for certain in every rank match.

With so many new and buffed heroes around, its now more likely to get your desired heroes even in the higher ranks. The following
list covers the heroes that once were definite bans but now are free to use. By free I mean they are not likely to get banned like before.

Best Heroes Available for Ranked Matches 2018-19

  • 5. Kagura
Few months back Kagura was a definite ban

4. Akai

During the 2 banning system Akai ban rate was high too

3. Martis

Known for crowd control and immunity is now not banned any more
  • 2. Gusion
    His nerf in 2nd dash of ultimate has made him a less pick but the burst damage remains
  • 1. Lancelot
    Lance is not banned much as before due to less life steal but again the burst damage and dashes make him if not the best then at least in the top 3 assassins

Moonton likes to keep newer heroes strong so with the release of a few more heroes, I’m pretty sure Vexana, Haya will be more free to pick.

What I noticed was with increase in rank, hero banning opinions change. Epic ranked players mostly ban strong easy to play heroes
like Johnson, Lesley (high burst damage), Vexana etc while Mythic ranked players mostly ban Selena, Saber, Hayabusa, Minotaur, Helcurt.
The difference is in the skill levels as in the higher ranks almost every player can play all class heroes and generally don’t focus
on getting their favorites. They take what’s most important for the team keeping in mind what others have chosen.


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